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Clermont, FL Hail Damage Claims Lawyers

Storms that bring serious hail are seriously frightening and can cause serious property damage. Even light hail that falls for a short period of time, however, can cause significant property damage to your home, commercial property, and/or vehicles. If a hailstorm leaves you with property damage, contact an experienced Clermont, FL hail damage claims lawyer today.

Your Hail Damage

Hail sweeps in and tends to damage everything in its wake. If your roof’s been damaged, for example, it very well may have been damaged throughout. Insurance companies, however, are in the business of making money, which leaves them with an incentive to only pay for repairing the most critically damaged area of your roof and leaving you with a roof that may be in disrepair or less than robust. Having an experienced hail damage claims lawyer on your side will help ensure that you obtain the compensation you need to cover your damages in their entirety.

What about Water Damage?

If your home’s roof – or any other part of your home – is seriously damaged by hail, you’re very likely to also experience water damage as a result of the water that pours in through the damaged areas. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that sometimes this water damage is covered by a separate insurance policy entirely and that the process of recovering for their losses is even more complicated and convoluted than they’d considered. If your home has been damaged by hail, you need to make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible – not only to continue providing your family with a home that’s safe and intact but also in an effort to mitigate any further structural damage to your investment. Work closely with an experienced hail damage claims lawyer.

Maximizing Your Hail Damage Claim

If your home or commercial property has suffered hail damage, you may have a rocky road toward recovering for your losses from the insurance company ahead. There are, however, several things you can do to help protect and even maximize your claim, including:

  • Understand Your Hail Insurance Policy – Hail damage may be covered under a separate insurance policy, but however you are covered, it’s important to locate your policy and make sure that you understand what’s covered therein. While insurance policies certainly aren’t written for easy reading, your dedicated hail damage claims lawyer will help you better understand exactly what you’re working with. Familiarizing yourself with your policy will help guide your important next steps.
  • Report Your Hail Damage Immediately – If hail has damaged your home, you have a lot to contend with, but it’s important to at least inform your insurance agent or the insurance company about the damage you’ve suffered right off the bat – even if you don’t file your claim immediately. Notifying the insurance company about the damage sends a clear message that links the storm to your property damage, and that leaves no room for ambiguity related to the cause of the damage you report. If you wait a while, the insurance company may contend that you’re trying to retrofit property damage to a recent hailstorm.
  • Obtain an Independent Assessment of Your Damages – While the insurance company may send out a claims adjuster to assess your damage, it’s in your best interest to also obtain your own independent assessment of the damage involved in your claim. If you accept the insurance company’s estimate and settlement offer before clarifying your actual damages and financial needs, you can be left with inferior and/or partial repairs. Having your own independent assessment of the damage to your home or commercial property will allow you to confidently move forward with your settlement negotiations – knowing that you have the information you need to make an informed decision on this critical matter.

You Need the Legal Counsel of an Experienced Clermont, FL Hail Damage Claims Lawyer on Your Side

Hail can cause serious property damage, but the dedicated hail damage claims lawyers at The Law Offices of Jerrod Paul, PA, in Clermont, FL, are committed to providing you with serious legal protections. Your case is too important to leave to chance, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us for more information today.